anger management

When the fury boils

In a belly full of fizz

Hoping for that hiss of release

But where does all that hot air go?

I am definitely full of hot air at the moment (metaphorically, at least). The Nicola Bulley case has come to a really sad conclusion in the past two days as her body was found in the river, but still the narrative that some people are choosing to tell is somewhere between deluded and sick.

Now, this is where my anger management has to kick in because it was an eleven year old student who said the thing that riled me up. And I know that anything that comes out of their mouths is just their parents’ thoughts being regurgitated.

But this kid just shouted across my room ‘she was an alcoholic and she was mad so she killed herself’. I had to take a deep breath and respond in a professional way.

This is what is being said behind closed doors and then it’s being pushed out onto social media by people who don’t understand what they’re talking about. Alcohol problems don’t make a bad person and they don’t need shaming or to be told that they’re ‘mad’.

Watching this case play out has shown that actually a lot of people haven’t learnt to be kind and the stigma that comes with mental health issues is still very much present.

Watch what you are saying in front of your children, because they repeat everything you say.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “anger management

  1. Margot Kinberg

    They do, indeed, reflect parents’ and grandparents’ attitudes, Rachel. And it’s distressing and sobering to think about how often people rush to judge others without really knowing the facts or the person involved. We see that whenever someone famous is in the news, and now we see it with this heartbreaking case. I can only imagine what Nicola’s family and friends must be going through, and to have others react that way just makes it all the more horrible.

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