leaking watsapp messages

You know those cheeky messages

The ones you’d rather never see

The light of day, and then

You somehow give them to

A journalist?!

There has been a bit of a political scandal bubbling up in the UK as Matt Hancock’s Watsapp messages were leaked by a journalist. And they are not painting him in the best light.

For those not aware of who he is, he was the Health Secretary during the pandemic, and he has faced a lot of flack over his handling of it. He has since gone on I’m a Celebrity and now released a book. None of these things have made the public love him any more.

And now, his ghostwriter has leaked the private Watsapp messages he was sending during the pandemic and it’s pretty cringe. I think the worst thing seems to be his exchanges with the Education Secretary where they said that teaching unions are just ‘against working’.

The whole thing has really just shown the world how little the Conservatives think of us plebs. They are running our country into the ground and just laughing at us while we work ourselves to the bone.

We are only a few short steps away from recreating Downton Abbey. And people like us are definitely the maids.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “leaking watsapp messages

  1. Margot Kinberg

    What I wonder, Rachel, is why any of that was every put down in writing in any form? In this day and age, it’s so easy for a journo or other people, too, to see those messages and leak them. At least before the advent of email, texts, and social media, papers could be burned or shredded. In a sense, though, perhaps that’s a good thing. We know more about these people and what they’re really like, and perhaps that’s not a bad thing.

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