a beautiful little town

Those crooked little alleyways

That lead to magic portals

And public houses that have stood

For years and years, and seen

The trundling of a horse and cart

And highwaymen who need a place to sleep.

There are bakeries so artisan

The bread’s too beautiful to eat

But something charming keeps

Me coming back to look for hidden gems.

I had a bit of an adventure this morning, as Noah had an open day at the university he is hoping to go to after his gap year. It is only half an hours away in a beautiful little town that I’ve never actually been to.

It was one of the most beautiful places that is just so quintessentially English – full of wonky little alleyways that could quite easily lead to Diagon Alley.

There were so many cute bakeries that were full of little cakes and breads that I had never seen before. And not a Greggs in sight. And on that note there were also no Primarks and no Supercuts. You can definitely judge the quality of a town by how many fine art galleries it has on its high street.

And then there are the charity shops. Any area that is really wealthy has the best charity shops because you get celebrities dumping their designer clothes in there. I once got a Ralph Lauren jumper for five pounds, and this girl is always on the lookout for a good bargain.

I think that when Easter rolls around I will need to do a bit more exploring of these little towns. Ox ford and Cambridge are definitely high on my list.

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “a beautiful little town

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, I love those little gems, Rachel, I really do! You never know what you’ll find, and you can make some great memories. That’s why, when I travel, I always like to take some time and just wander around. You can find all of those back streets and other places to explore.

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