the reunion show

Everyone loves them, don’t they?

You know the seven sofas, spread out wide

To stop the seven women throwing punches?

All in pretty dresses, scarlet red

And angry as their owners who

Sit and simmer, waiting for their turn

To shout and point their painted fingers,

Dusted with expensive diamonds.

We all know we’re here to see

Someone cry and someone storm out in

A cloud of puffed out anger.

I really love a good reunion show. They always seem to be presented by the same man, who sits in the centre of a semi circle of sofas, occupied by insanely rich women.

The gist of these shows is that they are bringing back the characters who have been in a season of any given reality show. They always end on a cliffhanger, where everyone hates each other, and so bring them back together is always going to cause fireworks.

I can imagine that a lot of it is still scripted and stage managed, but I still find these reunion shows so much fun. I love the crazy dresses, the continued stories and the angry words that are exchanged.

And after I have watched the reunion, I always have to Google the people to see if anything has changed since filming. I’m watching a lot of these relationship type shows at the moment, and sadly nearly everyone has now broken up.

Oh, how it makes my heart hurt.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the reunion show

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Those shows really do go for the uber-dramatic, don’t they, Rachel? Even Survivor, which really isn’t focused on just rich people, can get dramatic on the reunion shows. People do love seeing everyone flare up, stomp off, say things. I wonder if it’s because viewers can then think, ‘Well, OK, but at least I don’t behave like that!.’ Or perhaps it’s the same impulse that draws people to gawp at roadside accidents. It’s certainly a real impulse.

    1. patientandkindlove

      I guess that’s why they call it car crash TV. It’s just human nature to want to see a disaster. I think it does stem from that need to know that people are worse off than you.

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