best in show

They trot across the green baize carpet,

Heads held unnatuarally high,

I didn’t even realise dogs could smile

And hold so still while being

Poked and prodded by those suited judges

Waiting with their clipboards and

A pile of rainbow coloured ribbons

The red one ready to be pinned upon

The winner who goes down in history

As best in show, the loveliest of them all.

It’s the final day of Crufts today and so their are loads of dog shows on TV. I believe that Crufts is known all around the world, and so a win at best in show, is basically like saying that your dog is the best in the world.

I actually find it quite therapeutic watching them trotting around that big green arena and then watching the judges examine every little muscle and bone. I always wonder what on earth it is that makes any one dog stand out as better than another, but the judges seem to know what they are looking for, so who am I to say?

I’m definitely a pug girl. I know that they come with a load of health issues and you shouldn’t really like them, but they are super cute and if I had the time for a dog, that would be my one of choice.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “best in show

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Pugs are great, Rachel. I’ve never had one, but my niece did, and he was fabulous. In Chicago, they have (or did have – don’t know anymore) what they’d call an annual Pug Crawl, where pugs and their humans would be on parade in the greatest costumes. Oh, and about dog shows? If you like satirical films, you may like Christopher Guest’s Best in Show. It’s not always flattering, but I thought it was a funny, biting look at the dog show world.

  2. ~just a thought

    My husband and I both enjoy watching the dog shows…and there’s even one now about pound dogs which is really good, too.

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