a day in the scottish highlands

We stood outside a fish and chip shop

Eating carbs from greasy paper, flapping,

Dog ears in a friendly breeze,

The smell of vinegar clinging desperately

To fingers licked, as we gaze above the roof.

The mountains brood above us,

Casting shadows overhead, a giant

Ready to stretch its legs and stomp,

Sleepy and crushing, breaking down

The ramshackle houses and tiny newsagents,

Quaint and delicate, and at its rigid mercy.

I really fancy going back to the Scottish Highlands for a holiday. Since the pandemic we have learnt to really appreciate the British Isles and I love going to beautiful places right here.

I hadn’t visited Scotland until quite recently but I did go there on a bit of a running holiday and I have a lasting memory of being absolutely starving and stopping at this tiny little chip shop. We bought a packet of chips each and leant against the wall as we ate.

We could have been in a little village anywhere in the UK, until you stepped back and you could just see these massive mountains looming over the street. You felt so small and yet connected to nature.

I might have to book a train ticket and take a tent on a little adventure when the weather is a bit better.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “a day in the scottish highlands

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That sounds like a fabulous idea, Rachel! I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, but haven’t (yet). I really hope you’ll make the time to do that for yourself.

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