for no reason at all

I promise, miss

The maths teacher just doesn’t like me,

I wasn’t talking, it was Billy

And I was just picking up my pen,

That’s why I was out of my seat,

It just flew across the room,

What was I supposed to do?

He just has it in for me,

I promise he gave me that detention

For no reason at all.

The phrase I hear more than any other at all is ‘for no reason at all’ – and it really drives me crazy. I hear it nearly every break time when a hundred teenagers come streaming into my room to tell me just how unfairly they’ve been treated by every member of staff in the building.

I know that teenagers believe the world revolves around them and that is down to their brain chemistry – so I’m not blaming them.

BUT, blinking heck. Listening to them you would think that our school is staffed by the most evil bunch of humans to walk the earth. All those detentions dished out ‘for no reason at all’!

It does make my blood boil a bit, and I do question students whenever they say that to me. But, the worrying thing is that parents listen to these stories and actually believe their kids. I listen to the stories and I can hear where the lies are, but parents will always trust their little angels over a highly qualified professional.

Next time I get a parking ticket or get in trouble with the police for breaking and entering or being drunk and disorderly in public – make sure to remind me that I can put forward the ‘for no reason at all’ argument and get off scott free.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “for no reason at all

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, Rachel, this sounds so familiar! I really think that particular teenage phenomenon travels, because I’ve sure seen it here. I’ve heard teachers being accused of lying about what a child did; I’ve heard kids making up all sorts of stories about why whatever happened was not their fault. But I don’t think that ‘for no reason’ would work if you were ever stopped by a copper, sorry to say…

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