over the bridge

Cables holding tight as water laps

At metal struts, the bridge

That spans an ocean as it runs

In and out with passing tides

It closes gaps impossible to cross

From one land to another and

Defies the laws of gravity.

I went to Wales yesterday, and it involved going over the Severn Bridge which is quite a magnificent structure. For anyone not familiar with the bridge, you need to cross it to get over the Severn estuary and it effectively is the gateway into Wales if you are coming along the M4.

I’m not someone who is afraid of crossing bridges, but I must admit that as I approached, I felt my heart rate increase a bit. I don’t know whether that was out of fear, or just feeling of awe – it is genuinely quite breathtaking as you see it looming over you.

It was also really nice as I stopped at a service station just before the bridge and I have a photo at the same service station from when I was eight and I went to PGL with my Primary school. The photo was with my best friend when I was at that school, and it was lovely to be there again and remember her.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “over the bridge

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I can imagine it’s quite impressive, Rachel. In the US, there’s a bridge called the Chesapeake Bay Bridge that’s almost 28k long. It connects Maryland’s Eastern Shore with the Western Shore, and it’s quite a bridge! Even seasoned drivers sometimes aren’t crazy about it.

    1. patientandkindlove

      OK, that is a little bit bigger than the Severn bridge. This one is a mile long and there is a 100 mile ultra run across it. You just run backwards and forwards fifty times and I’m desperate to do it having done that drive.

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