in a state of emergency

The alarm went of at 2:04am,

A scream that pierced the night, a pin

Puncturing the silence of the night

And then the sounds of shuffling and waking up,

Fumbling in the dark for shoes and coats

A sleepy crashing to and fro

Before the urgency begins to set

Like water freezing, hardening

As flames begin to lick at walls

And the heat reminds us that our life

Is just as fragile, brittle like a sheet of glass.

I’m never sure how I would react in a real emergency. I think I’m the kind of person who would panic and run as quickly as I can in the opposite direction – but how can you know until it happens?

I’ve been thinking about this today, as in the UK we are having a trial alarm going off a few weeks from now. Basically, the government are going to set an alarm off on all of our phones as a trial for if there is an emergency.

I wonder what emergencies there could be that could set off this alarm for reall? I assume it would be something like a nuclear disaster or terrorism. We haven’t had any instructions as to what we should do if this alarm goes off though. Are we supposed to hide under the dining room table, or get out and run? Who knows?

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “in a state of emergency

  1. Margot Kinberg

    People have such different reactions to the threat of an emergency, Rachel. I’ve not been in that many emergencies, thank goodness, and not a nationwide one where we all get an alert. But I imagine that would be so frightening. I do think it’s best if people are prepared, so they know exactly what to do if one happens. And I suppose that means rehearsing.

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