love begins….

Love begins where the fairies dance

And the unicorns leap over golden gates,

Where rainbows loom and stars will sparkle.

But is there something slightly darker?

A need to drop the boundaries, like curtains

Dropping before a stage? It’s dangerous,

Revealing that much heart, that much dimpled skin.

And yet we dare to do it, time and time again,

Breaking through those glittered daydreams

To a world that was lied about

Until the day I jumped….

I heard somebody saying that love starts where logic ends and that description of love really stuck with me. It’s so accurate, and we all want to feel logical because that shows that we have control. And yet, we all seem to feel the need to dive into love, where control is relinquished.

I know that I have real trouble with boundaries and that is definitely why I struggle with relationships. I need absolute control over my life, and I actually feel angry at people when they get close and start to even make suggestions about how I should live my life.

Love is a wonderful thing, but you do need to let go to a certain extent, and that is scary. Love is made to look fluffy and pink and fun, but actually we all need to be aware that there is a dark side. Or is that just me standing on the side, wishing that I had the guts to jump in?

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “love begins….

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Love really is risky, Rachel, and so is opening up to it. It’s all about trust, the way I see it: trust in yourself, trust in that other person, etc… It’s really hard to be independent and take pride in that, but still be open to someone you really care about. I don’t have the answer (other than that what’s worked for me), but I think it’s a struggle a lot of people have.

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