the hidden parts of a city

Spires will pierce the midnight sky,

Dreaming of those ancient men

Who trudged the halls,

Masons chipping at the stone

To make a city built to last,

To show those domes off like a gown

Made of velvet, adorned with stars

And ready for the kiss of magic spells.

As we are on our Easter holidays at the moment, I thought that Noah and I deserved a bit of a day out. I was thinking Longleat, but the tickets were £40 each so I did a bit of Googling to see if there was anything interesting out there.

Highlere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) was another option but that doesn’t seem to open until the summer. So I thought that a trip to Oxford might be nice. I have never actually been, and it is one of the UK’s top university cities, so I feel like it needs to be seen.

A lot of the colleges have been used in film and TV and I recognised a lot of it from shows I have watched recently. I can understand why location managers would pick a place like that because it is stunning, and the sense of history is unbelievable.

Rather than just wandering around aimlessly, I signed up to one of those treasure hunts where they send clues to your phone. It was an absolutely brilliant trail and we actually learnt loads about the city too.

If you are ever in the south of England, I would definitely make time for a trip to Oxford. Beautiful and stunning in every way.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the hidden parts of a city

  1. Margot Kinberg

    What fun that trip must have been, Rachel! And I’m so happy you and Noah were able to spend some time together, too. What a clever way to teach someone about a city, too – through a scavenger hunt. I’ve actually wanted to go to Oxford for a while. Perhaps someday I’ll get there!

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