let’s be specific

Let’s nail it down

And not be fuzzy

Let’s smooth out lines

That once were blurred

Let’s all settle on one page

In a book like War and Peace.

Sometimes people are so fuzzy, and it can be really annoying as it leaves lots of questions wide open. However, there comes a point when perhaps we can be a little bit too exact.

A girl in my tutor group had her hair done over the holidays and I wanted to show that I was really interested, so I asked her when she had had it done.

She paused and then said ‘Yesterday’.

I was ready to accept this answer and move on, but she continued speaking. ‘At twelve,’ she said.

Again, I thought that was the end of the conversation. But she satarted scrabbling around for the minutes. ‘Twelve…. forty….. forty…..’

Her friend then elbowed her in the ribs and pointed out that I didn’t need the exact time.

I just found it quite funny that there are some people out there who just think that they can give you a three hour window as to when they will meet you and then there are others who nail it down to the second. That girl was obviously the latter.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “let’s be specific

  1. Margot Kinberg

    People definitely do see time in different ways, Rachel. Some people are really exact. Noon means noon, not 12:01 PM. Other people, when they think of what ‘noon’ means, think of any time between eleven or so in the morning about two in the afternoon. I think it’s partly cultural, but I think there individual differences, too.

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