a summer at camp

Campfire songs with voices out of tune

And toasted marshmallows drip down chins

After long days out on glassy lakes

Paddling in ill judged pairs

That send us round in circles.

And then the bunks are loud

As kids bounce on the beds, screaming

Excitedly with too much sugar

Coursing through their veins.

Loading up with pancakes in the morning

Ready for another day of watersports

And hiking, gymnastics and crafts –

Just remember you can have a holiday

At the end of all of this.

My son’s friend has been going through the process to get a place on Camp America and it piqued my interest so I ended up going down a Youtube hole all about summer camp.

We don’t really have summer camp over here in the UK so I have a really idealised version of what it looks like in my head. If it’s not like the camp in Adams’ Family Values then I don’t even want to know about it.

I just wanted to write about it because I’m feeling old and like I have missed out on an experience. If I could reverse time and turn eighteen again, I’d be on that plane and ready to shout Hi-De-Hi Campers every morning in a heartbeat.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “a summer at camp

  1. Margot Kinberg

    We do have summer camp here in the States; I went twice as a child. There are some good things about it, especially for those who like the outdoors. And they can be big adventures for kids who are just learning to be away from mum and/or dad for a bit. But they’ve got down sides, too. I think for the right kind of person, though, they’re great.

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