Do they find it funny?

I’m watching the Windsors and I can’t help but wonder what the real royal family think of it. I really hope that they watch, and I hope even more that they enjoy it.

I’m obviously not famous so I don’t get parodied all that much, therefore I’m not sure how it feels. When it’s done in jest, can you laugh along? Or does it feel like bullying to the people who are on the receiving end?

Kate and William, are you watching? And what are you thinking?

Apparently Kate doesn’t take note of any of the tabloids and I think that’s why she has sailed through her royal life, while Meghan struggled. Like most of us would probably want to, Meghan wanted to defend herself. Although, I’d like to think she’s see the fun in this.

It must be really hard to ignore all the rubbish that gets written about you, although their little mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’ seems to work a treat in most situations. But that does take an incredible amount of strength to follow through on.

All I can say is, well done Kate, you are a stronger woman than I could ever be,

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “Do they find it funny?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Me, too, Rachel. I would find it so very, very hard to keep my mouth shut and just deal with all of that garbage and trolling. I don’t know how people do it – I really don’t. It’s interesting about the parody, too. I think you have to be really secure in yourself to be parodied or roasted and think it’s funny.

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