but he is my king

Everyone seems to be getting so angry

About words that we say and we sing

As flags are raised at sports events

And at Last Night of the Proms,

We love it when we’ve won

Or when we’ve had a drink or two

So why now are we all so worried

About an invite on the king’s big day?

There is a lot of anger here in the UK about the invitation that we have been given to swear our allegiance to our new king on Saturday. And I can’t really understand why people are getting so worked up.

Firstly, it is just an invitation; nobody is holding a gun to our head and saying that we must repeat these words. And secondly, it is no different to singing the national anthem and we always seem happy to do that we we’ve had a few beers and are watching the football.

I am also really proud to have a royal family. I understand that our colonial past isn’t something that we should celebrate and there are lots of other darker parts to our history, but we have learnt from them and I don’t think that we are having a coronation to celebrate those parts of our history.

Whenever we have a big royal event like a wedding or a funeral, the world’s eyes turn to us and we can actually put on quite an impressive show. I’m certainly going to repeat those words and I’m really excited to see such a historic moment that has not been seen in over 70 years.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “but he is my king

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It’s definitely going to be quite an event, Rachel. And, yes, the UK puts on quite a show in such a memorable way. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone ends up reacting to it. I know it’s live streaming everywhere, and I’ll be many millions will tune in.

  2. juliadeniro

    I had no idea people were getting worked up about it, and I have to agree with you. If you don’t want to swear allegiance to the King, just don’t do it.

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