how did it turn so sour?

When did that sweetest taste

Turn to something bitter, something ugly?

Why did it have to turn

From luscious green to withered grey-

Was it something twisted in between the two of them

Or was there something outside that

Clawed its way through stretched out love

And ruined marriage yet again?

I’m watching the documentary on the Depp v Heard case and I have to say that it still fascniates me. The whole case and who was telling the truth and whose side we should be on is so twisted that I’m not even sure the couple know what happened.

The sad part of it is that the media have caused a lot of the problems. They have caused people to take sides and they have villified Amber Heard – I actually don’t know how she leaves the house without feeling nervous now.

I am showing an interest, so perhaps I am just as much to blame as all of the photographers, journalists, Youtubers and podcasters. But this is the sinister side of the press, the evil force that seems to work its way into anything good, tearing it apart. And sadly, this is all for money. Take that out of the equation and many relationship breakdowns would never have happened.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “how did it turn so sour?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I think you’re spot on about the media’s impact, Rachel. It has played such a major and important role in their relationship, and I think it’s made it all the harder for them to try to patch it up.

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