drunk teenagers in the park

As the setting sun is casting

The warmest reddening glow,

The bluetooth speakers tinny noise

Spreads across the park as girls

Whoop with cans of lager in their hands

And nervous dogwalkers scuttle past

But the kids don’t seem to notice

As the alcohol soaks away the stress

Of all those awful tests.

I went for a run around the local sports ground this evening. There was a beautiful sunset and it was so quiet until I noticed a group of about two hundred people up ahead.

I thought it was the running club, but as I got closer I realised they were all in Year 11, there was music playing and they were all drinking and having a fine old time.

Normally I would see this as antisocial behaviour and I would tut as I run past. However, I have seen all these kids doing exam after exam over the last two weeks, and I remember that feeling of having a week off and how it felt like such a weight was lifted off your shoulders.

I remember enjoying summer evenings doing a bit of underage drinking and I look back on it fondly, those beautiful sunkissed nights with friends I’ll never forget.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “drunk teenagers in the park

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Not that I condone underage drinking. I don’t. But nights like that – a lager, a chat with mates, flirting, etc., – are often the stuff of nostalgia when people look back. Of course bad things can and do happen. But these kids do need to burn off some anxiety. And what’s better than a beautiful summer evening with your mates?

    1. Greg Dennison

      This exactly… I don’t like the thought of underage drinking, but I do like the thought of kids that age interacting with each other in person outdoors instead of staring at screens all day.

    2. patientandkindlove

      I bet there were a few sore heads. I know that a lot of the kids were missing from our school on Friday so I can imagine a few of them were out and about the night before. Like you, I don’t condone it, but I also kinda hope they had some fun as they’ve had two weeks of back to back exams and as the COVID generation they’ve never had to experience that before.

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