when the secrets start to tumble out

They were all stored up like water

Building up behind a dam

Just one brick budged and they all come out

Tumbling through a gap so small

You’d hardly think a trickle would

Flow, and yet it pours

It thunders out and scares us all

A terror in a single line of tangled words.

I was just musing on how awful a lie can turn out to be when you’ve pushed it down for a long time. Since getting sober, I’ve learnt that trying to be open and honest is always the best option. If you’ve done something wrong, just let someone know – the consequences may be bad at the time, but they tend to be so much worse if they come out later.

We have had a bit of controversy in TV world recently with the whole Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby fall out. It’s amazing that just a week ago they seemed to be getting along perfectly and then….

Within a week we see everything starting to come out and behind those perma-smiles there seemed to be a lot of bad things going on. I hope that it doesn’t rumble on for too long as it can only really end in a wrecked career.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “when the secrets start to tumble out

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You make such a good point, Rachel, about being honest. If you just admit that something happened, you’re far more likely to be forgiven. And with that out of the way, you can work on not doing whatever-it-is again. If you hide it, though, not only does it add a big burden, but it’s really hard on relationships. And you don’t learn anything from the experience, if that makes sense.

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