write yourself a letter

Tell yourself you’re great,

That your smashing life,

Those gentle pen strokes will

Soothe the pain in knees or brains

Reminding you of why you started this

And why you must go on.

I think that there is such power in letter writing, and that includes writing letters to yourself. Sometimes, if you know you are about to go through a period of struggle, a letter can help you get through it, or help you to celebrate it when you are through the other side.

When you run 100 miles, there are plenty of moments of pain and darkness and a friendly word is all you need to push through. You are allowed to have a drop bag that is delivered to the halfway point and you can stuff this bag full of food you like and fresh clothes.

I have learnt to put a letter to myself in my drop bag. I make sure that I tell myself how much people love me no matter how the event pans out. I tell myself that my family love me and want me to stay safe, and I tell myself that I have the inner strength to finish.

It doesn’t always work, but quite often the words that I have written when I was comfortable and thinking clearly can help to calm me down when I feellike I am being swallowed by the pain. Definitely try it some time, and I am sure it will help you.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “write yourself a letter

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That is a really intriguing idea, Rachel, to write a letter to oneself. And in a marathon, when you need every ounce of energy you have, boosting yourself with that sort of support can, I imagine, be very helpful. After all, wouldn’t you support a friend in that way???

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