you’re just a speck of dust

A tiny fleck that flits its way

Through beams of light

That travels through the galaxies

For lightyears there is nothingness

And then there’s us – you and I

Floating on a tiny rock

Until the day we die.

Every so often it’s really easy to just let everything overwhelm you and in those moments it can be really helpful to have a bit of a reality check – to understand that our problems aren’t all that big.

People say that you should watch the news and see people who are less well off than you. Watching people who have been displaced from their homes because of wat or natural disaster – those poor souls who make my steep electricity bill seem like a bit of a joke. But I actually just get really anxious and upset watching these people and so it doesn’t really have theeffect of making me feel like I’m the lucky one.

I find that looking even further outward is helpful. I saw a picture of Earth taken from Voyager as it was leaving our solar system and it made me realise just how small we are. We are so insignificant and we should actually just enjoy our time flying through space on this little rock.

I’ve just got to be careful not to think about it for too long as I start to have an existential crisis and that can be even worse than worrying about the energy bill!

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “you’re just a speck of dust

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It does really make you think, Rachel, when you see just how small we really are out there in the cosmos. High energy bills are bad and sometimes worrisome, but in the grand scheme of things, out there in outer space, things just look different..

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