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Shush, please,

I said shush,

Can you be quiet, please?


He shouted just a bit ironically.

His voice must hurt

His pride is dented by

Kids that treat him just like dirt.

There is a cover teacher that is often in the room next to me and I feel so sorry for him. Cover teachers have a notoriously difficult time because the kids don’t see them as a ‘proper’ teacher and so they just get treated like dirt.

This guy that is in the next room to me seems to have the sole job of ensuring the students do silent reading and the noise level suggests that everything but silent reading is happening on the other side of that wall.

Bless him. And to all those children who are making his life a misery, I hope that one or two of you become teachers and realise just how demonic you seem to us!

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “Sssssshhhhh

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You’re so right about cover teachers, Rachel! They have an especially hard time working with students. And yet, for many teachers, cover teaching is a way to get a foot in the door when one’s looking for a full-time position. It does take a special kind of person to be a successful cover teacher!

  2. Greg Dennison

    Yes, this. I spent nine months as a substitute teacher (the equivalent term in the US, I think), and even though I had all the necessary certification to be a “proper” teacher and had been a “proper” teacher at schools in other cities for six years, the kids didn’t care even if I told them that.

    (How and why I got into that situation, where I had been a full-time teacher, but I quit that job and found myself having to substitute for a while, if you’re curious I can give you the short version, but that’s also tied in with the stories I’ll tell if I ever finish DLTDGB and start JTTL.)

    1. patientandkindlove

      There are definite benefits to being a sub (flexibility being the main one), but oh my word you have to work so much harder for any level of behaviour management. I take my hat off to those that can do it!

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