a voice like butter

You can use all sorts of cliches like

He has a voice like butter

Or smooth like velvet chocolate,

Deep and satisfying. But yes,

His voice can make me melt,

I listen every day.

I’m extremely sound sensitive. I think that everyone is sensitive to something, as my son is extremely funny with the taste and texture of unfamiliar foods. My thing is sound.

Certain sounds, like eating and sniffing can make me so anxious that I have to leave a room. But it also means that there are certain sounds that are so pleasureable, I could literally listen to them night and day. And voices can be included in that.

Everyone used to laugh at me because I had a crush on Tom Selleck who is twice my age. But that voice. It actually makes me feel safe in an unsafe world, and I often find myself watching old Friends episodes where Monica and Richard are dating just to hear his voice.

Just recently, I found a Youtube creator who I cannot turn off because of his voice. He is a psychiatrist and he just talks about mental health issues from a medical perspective which is awfully random – but can I turn it off? No.

I hope that you all have something that makes you feel safe in the chaos, no matter how weird it is. Stay safe and have a chilled out weekend.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “a voice like butter

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There’s nothing wrong with being especially tuned in to a voice that soothes you and makes you feel safe, Rachel. Voices are one of the first things babies notice when they’re born. In fact, research shows that babies intentionally tune in to voices. They know their parents’ voices intimately, and respond to them.

    1. patientandkindlove

      I also like to listen to asmr and I find whispering oddly soothing. And I guess we always speak to babies in soft voices – perhaps I was missing something from my parents as a child?!

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