weird and wacky dreams

You know, the ones where your teeth or falling out

Or you’re locked in a room with snakes

Or giant hairy legged spiders.

Sometimes there’s a murderer chasing you

And sometimes you’re passionately kissing your boss.

No matter how many times you Google the meaning

You’ll never quite ‘get’ what was going on

In that weird and wacky head of yours.

I don’t know whether I’m still a little bit low on salt after my epic run the other week, or whether I have some serious psychological issues. But I do know that I am having some pretty crazy dreams at the moment.

Last night I had this dream that my heart kept falling out of my mouth. I had to keep picking it up off the floor, brushing the dirt off and swallowing it back down so that I wouldn’t die.

And the night before I dreamt that I had done something bad and I was due to be executed. But the way criminals were killed was to put them in a human sized blender and just whizz them up. I was so sad that as soon as I climbed into the blender, I would never be able to do anything I loved ever again.

I tried to Google what these dreams mean but, unsurprisingly, human size blenders don’t seem to feature in any of the online dream decoders. Wouldn’t it be lovely to know what was going on inside my head as my brain regenerates at two in the morning?

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “weird and wacky dreams

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Dreams can get crazy at times, no doubt of that, Rachel. I’ve had some very weird ones, myself. And then you try to makes sense of them, and you can’t. Perhaps the brain is just sorting things out, so it dumps some odd stuff together while it does? Hard to say…

    1. patientandkindlove

      God knows what I’m trying to work through with those dreams! I think the thing that is so different is that I’m remembering those dreams so clearly in the morning. I can’t stop thinking about them during the day.

  2. clcouch123

    I find the dream about your heart especially intriguing, but that’s because I have heart disease. I wonder if I could swallow a new heart? I agree, the dream about the blender ending all the opportunities is sad.

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