just simplify your life

Break it down like little Lego bricks,

The kind that can be built

In lavish towers, castles fit for kings,

But on their own they’re just a single colour,

A simple shape, nothing hidden anywhere,

So make it easy for yourself

Just one brick at a single time.

The serious side of this post is that it’s important to break things down otherwise they can sometimes seem insurmountable. If you stand on the start line of a 100 mile race and envision all 100 miles, you’ll just pass out with fear before you even set off.

I have done enough to have a bit of a strategy now. I will run to the first 10 miles; then enjoy crossing a half marathon and a marathon; I celebrate 33 miles because that’s a third; fifty miles is always exciting; 61 miles is also known as 100km so that’s fun to pass; at 74 miles you only have a marathon to go; and then you get to 90 and you can start the single figure countdown.

I’m starting to find ways to apply this thinking in my everyday life and, of course, it really helps when you’re totally overwhelmed.

But on a lighter note, I also love the way kids break down things to their simplest form. Seeing things through the eyes of a five year old is so simple and exciting – and funny.

There are some memes that are flying around that give animals names based on what they look like. For example, a penguin is a formal chicken, a sheep is a land cloud, a peacock is a disco turkey and a kangaroo is a velocirabbit. I went through the list this afternoon and it cheered me up after a rubbish afternoon.

Always break it down to make your life a little more enjoyable.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “just simplify your life

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s the way I break it down when I write, Rachel. I set smaller goals for myself and focus on one smaller goal at a time. It’s much less daunting than contemplating the whole process. And you’re right; it’s important to celebrate the small milestones.

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