school sports day

It’s sports day season

With parents out on painted sidelines

Screaming at the kids that couldn’t give a damn,

They just want to roll on grass

Avoiding writing and those boring sums.

Slathered in a sunscreen skin

As shoulders start to turn a painful shade of red

And even sun hats won’t keep

The dreaded sun stroke sickness

Far from kids who ate too many sugar sweets.

And then there’s those who get upset because

The egg will never stay upon their spoon

And the sack race always ends in tears.

Teachers breathe a sigh of tense relief

As parents line up for their annual race,

Knowing once that mum who once won gold in London 2012

Has crossed the finish it’s all over

For another year….

One thought on “school sports day

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I’m sure Sports Day is fun for those kids who are athletic, Rachel, especially if they don’t achieve as well in the classroom. But speaking as a less athletic kid who did far better in class than on the field, Sports Day was always something to get through…

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