no longer a mum

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The time has passed like a crimson ribbon

Running through the air in waves,

Ups and downs of blood and tears and laughs

And at the end of all these twisting roads

We find ourselves with scissors in our hands,

Standing, ready – to cut and hack the cord.

Our adult child is done with us, they drift

Out into a world we hope they know,

We’ve helped them understand.

My son turns eighteen on Sunday, and I know that it’s not true, but it feels like as of Sunday I won’t be a mum anymore. I know that you’re always a mum once you have conceived, whether they are born or not and whether they make it to adulthood or not. That all seems to be beside the point.

However, there is the definite ending of one chapter and the beginning of another at this point. Even though he is taking a year out and not going to university until next September, it still feels like a part of him is going somewhere.

I guess I have to go through a little midlife crisis now as every mother has to go a bit nuts when the little ones fly the nest. I think I need to shave my head, pierce my nose and then go backpacking around Thailand.

That should sort it.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “no longer a mum

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There’s definitely a change in the dynamics once they become adults, Rachel. And it is wise to get ready for that and plan how your own life will be. But the fact is, they always need you as their mum. I know my own daughter is an adult (with a child of her own), but she’s always my kid, and I’m always her mum. The relationship just changes.

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