internet shopping

Shopping baskets full to the brim,

Even though we can’t see a thing,

But clicking on those buttons,


And the anxious wait for the knock at the door.

It’s thrilling in a way you can’t achieve

In a high street shop, traipsing miles

And jostling kids and angry mums

When just a gentle click can do the same

With Modern Family in the background

Calls me back to the here and now.

I’m normally so economical with my money, but recently I’ve found myself getting sucked into internet shopping. It starts with just a Kindle book for £1 and then the next thing you know you also have a pair of trainers and a new kettle winging its way to you.

I was remembering a time when we all used to order our clothes from Kays catalogues. We would fill in the form with what items we wanted and post it to their HQ. Then two weeks later your clothes arrived. Now you get angry if you don’t get your stuff delivered by the next day.

Oh what a world we now live in.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “internet shopping

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I remember ordering from a catalogue, too, Rachel! And it was more complicated and took more time. I remember that waiting six weeks or so for something wasn’t unusual at all. Now, it’s so easy to go online, search for what you want (or the company you want) and load up your cart. Since it’s all electronic, you don’t always get the full impact of the money you spend, either. I know for me, I have to be really strict about how much I can spend on any virtual shopping trip.

    1. patientandkindlove

      There is something really satisfying about having it delivered so quickly. I hate fighting through the shops but now you only need to wait for 24 hours and you don’t have to leave your sofa. It’s an introverts dream.

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