the dodgy politician

He has a mask, a smile unnatural

In the way it fails to crack despite attacks,

He waves, but he seems so dead

Behind the eyes, like he’s realised

The mistakes he’s made but can’t admit.

I imagine a team of people in the background

Cringing as he stands for photos, trying

To make it look like he’s down with the kids,

Like he knows what it’s like to be one of us,

And not the son of a billionnaire.

2 thoughts on “the dodgy politician

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There is almost always something, well, plastic about so many politicians, Rachel. You capture it very well, too. And you’re right about the eyes; if you look at them, there’s no real life there. There’s only this ‘politician’s stare.’ It’s hard to be enthusiastic about people who don’t even come across as real.

    1. patientandkindlove

      We have some politicians who actually come across as hilarious because they are so robotic. And then we have people like Boris who are so out of touch with normal life that he might as well be living on a different planet.

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