Lonely roads

They wind through landscapes

Almost like another planet, a moon

Deserted by the rest of mankind

As they shelter in their crumbling homes.

And as the sun begins to rise

The orange glow will tint the sky

Painting watercolours, crimson bleeding out

And threading beauty through the clouds,

I wish this loneliness could last

My walking poles the only click clack sound

To burst this perfect quiet.

I went up to Yorkshire last week with the intention of doing a cross country run/walk. I only made it a third of the way before my feet started to look like I had trench foot. However, I was happy to stop there as I was meeting my family on the other side to enjoy a holiday, and if I messed up my feet my chances of enjoying that holiday would be minimal.

That 60 miles that I did cover were through the mountainous side of Yorkshire so there was some undulation in my journey. This did mean that as the sun was setting, I was reaching the top of one of those climbs and the view gave me one of those spiritual experiences that you only manage to feel a couple of times in a lifetime.

I wish that I could have more of that, more of those lonely roads, painted with colour. And I feel sad for all of those people who would rather stare at screens to occupy their time.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “Lonely roads

  1. crispina kemp

    I remember those long ago days when I could walk from dawn to dusk. Enjoy them while you can, Rachel, for my feet give me hell if I push beyond 5 or 6 miles. So sad. So frustrating. I love walking

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