a level results day

Excited whispers in windy car parks

As parents drop off girls in jeans

With summer tans, months of nothing

All leading to this queue, this envelope,

Slipping nails beneath the seal

And breathing deeply, one eye closed

And tentatively, the letters swirl

Into something readable, a code

That once deciphered, opens up

A gateway to the world.

It’s A Level results day here in the UK, so students who are waiting to go off to University found out whether they would be going to their first choice. Obviously, if you are going to Oxford or Cambridge and you need three A grades, then the wait could have been immensely stressful.

Luckily, for Noah, the course he wants to do only required three D grades so he was going to have to mess up pretty badly to not achieve that. I am happy to report that he now has an unconditional offer from his university and he will be going after a year out.

I think it’s really important for students to remember that even if they didn’t get the grades they wanted, it’s definitely not the end of the world. It will feel like it is now, but it’s not. So many people end up changing direction because something ‘bad’ happens, only to realise later down the line that they took the best course possible.

I dropped out of college because I was miserable and I still managed to get my degree and (finally) get myself a professional job. It was a winding road, but the sky didn’t fall in on me, and I’ve kinda had fun along the way!

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “a level results day

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I’m very glad to hear Noah did well, Rachel! He’s reached an important goal and I think that’s fabulous. But you’re right; uni isn’t for everyone, and even if a person does want to go to uni, Oxbridge is not the only option. There are many more important things in life, and I think it works best when parents show their child(ren) that scores do not define them.

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