the cone of shame

He once was confident,

Strutting with his balls on show

But weeing on our clothes and books

Those balls, they had to go.

So, to the vets he went

Where the love nugs were brutally shed

And now he looks like a loser,

With the cone of shame around his head.

My cat keeps getting into fights and he has also started weeing on my stuff. The urinating has been the final straw, and now I think it’s time that he took a trip to the vet to have a certain procedure done.

The cat is a bit of a character so I don’t know what the vet will make of him. He’s got a bit of an attitude problem and he’s scared of everyone he doesn’t know. He’s also deaf and I don’t think his eyesight is all that good.

So, I’m basically saying good luck to the vet. He or she is gonna need it!

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the cone of shame

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Ah, yes, that cone of shame! I think you’re doing the right thing, though, Rachel. If he’s behaving in that inappropriate a way (especially the weeing on your stuff bit!), he needs that certain procedure. I hope it goes well. My daughter works at a vet’s office, so I’ve heard some interesting stories about the pets they help. I doubt your little guy will be the worst they’ve seen…

  2. juliadeniro

    All pets should have that procedure done. Pet shelters in the US spay and neuter dogs and cats once they’re old enough. All three of my cats had been neutered when they were adopted.

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