oh the beautiful words

Beautiful words can blossom

From verdant land, mellifluous

When uttered loquaciously

With a plethora vowels

Rolling and rippling through the air,

Quintessentially perfect

An aurora of words, speckling

A midnight azure sky.

I was listening to an audiobook the other day and the lady said the word patina. It was a word I don’t hear very often and for some reason, it just sounded so pretty, and it got me thinking about all the other words that just roll gorgeously off the tongue.

I know the English langueage is a mish mash of lots of different languages, but I do think that there is something so appealing about words that are obviously from a different place. They just sound so exotic.

I just wanted to write something with lots of those words in it. I don’t even know if it makes much sense – but it does sound really nice if you say it with a Frech accent…

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “oh the beautiful words

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s something I absolutely love about language, Rachel. Some of the words are just so beautiful, aren’t they? Just the way they feel when you say them is lovely, too. And what’s great about being a writer is you get to choose which of those words will best say what you need to say.

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