unplanned adventures are the best

Setting out with nowhere to go

Walking boots laced up tightly

A camera there for posterity

Nestled between the bottles of water

And the packs of biscuits to keep

Tired legs moving in a forward direction

Wherever that might be.

I am a real lover of unplanned adventure, probably to a fault as I’m not very good at doing planning. On Wednesday I had a real unplanned adventure on foot.

I left my hometown at 7am and I just started running. I did plan to go in the direction of London, but there was no planning any more than that. I ran and I ran and I carried on past lunch time and well into the afternoon. And then it reached early evening and I found myself running alongside Heathrow airport, so it seemed silly to stop when I was so close to London.

So I ended up going 64 miles and stopping on Kensingston High Street in the centre of London. I got to see Universities, Great Windsor Park, the planes coming in to land and ride on the tube to Waterloo. To me that was a fabulous unplanned adventure and far less expensive than a theme park or the cinema.

I hope your next week is full of adventures that you never knew you were going to have.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “unplanned adventures are the best

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That sounds like a great adventure, Rachel! And on top of everything, you got some great training in. I’ve done adventures like that when I was travelling, but not as often when I’m at home. Those times can make for great memories.

  2. Greg Dennison


    Okay… something I’ve always wondered, I’ll ask… when you do a very long distance all day run like that, do you stop to eat? Do you stop to go to the bathroom? Do you stop for water? How does all that work?

    Also, how did you get home?

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