the knitting circle

the little girls crowd greedily

Around the table, grabbing

At the tiny balls of yarn

And sitting round in circles

Of maybe five or six

They form their granny squares

To stitch together into blankets

Made with love and friendship too.

I started a crochet club at school today and it was so much fun. I felt like a few teachers were rolling their eyes and thinking it wasn’t very cool, but I had about twenty students give up their lunch time to have a go at a new skill. I even had a few boys pitch up!

My hope is that once I have them all crocheting confidently, we can make a blanket that we can sell for charity. It will be so lovely for us all to make granny squares and stitch them together into something beautiful.

Never forget that crochet and knitting is cool.

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “the knitting circle

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I absolutely love this idea, Rachel! I used to crochet when I was younger, and once or twice I knitted things. It’s so relaxing, and yet creative. And look how it’s brought your students and you together! It’ll be excellent, too, to use that new skill they’re learning for the good of others. What a great lesson! Kudos to you.

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