meeting my new classes

I met the first of my new classes today and it was weirdly terrifying. All those feelings that I’m not good enough and that they’ll see straight


the penguin march

There has been devestating news coming from Antarctica today as 10,000 emperor penguins have died because the ice caps are melting


a level results day

It’s A Level results day here in the UK, so students who are waiting to go off to University found out whether they would be going to their


Lonely roads

I went up to Yorkshire last week with the intention of doing a cross country run/walk. I only made it a third of the way before my feet


limted bandwidth

I’m going on a really long solo hike this weekend and I’m really nervous. Every event I have done in the past has been well supported


internet shopping

I’m normally so economical with my money, but recently I’ve found myself getting sucked into internet shopping. It starts with just a Kindle


the witch hunt

We’ve had quite a few TV presenter scandals in the UK over recent months. And it’s starting to feel like a bit of a witch hunt. I’m almost


pressure is a privilege

I am watching Break Point on Netflix and it follows some of the best up and coming players on the pro tour over the last two years. Today I was


no longer a mum

mother carrying her baby while looking at the nature scenery
Photo by Josh Willink on

The time has passed like a crimson ribbon

Running through the air in waves,

Ups and downs of blood and tears and laughs

And at the end of all these twisting roads

We find ourselves with scissors in our hands,

Standing, ready – to cut and hack the cord.

Our adult child is done with us, they drift

Out into a world we hope they know,

We’ve helped them understand.

My son turns eighteen on Sunday, and I know that it’s not true, but it feels like as of Sunday I won’t be a mum anymore. I know that you’re always a mum once you have conceived, whether they are born or not and whether they make it to adulthood or not. That all seems to be beside the point.

However, there is the definite ending of one chapter and the beginning of another at this point. Even though he is taking a year out and not going to university until next September, it still feels like a part of him is going somewhere.

I guess I have to go through a little midlife crisis now as every mother has to go a bit nuts when the little ones fly the nest. I think I need to shave my head, pierce my nose and then go backpacking around Thailand.

That should sort it.

Much Love

Rachel xx