writing about places i love

I visited a friend a couple of weeks ago, and the house that they had bought belonged to a retired doctor. He sold the house as seen,


how did it turn so sour?

I’m watching the documentary on the Depp v Heard case and I have to say that it still fascniates me. The whole case and who was telling the


all that work…

If you are in the UK there is a great documentary on at the moment, all about the factories that are working around the clock to make the


but he is my king

There is a lot of anger here in the UK about the invitation that we have been given to swear our allegiance to our new king on Saturday.


reading in bed on a saturday morning

Long days follow jaded nights

And duvets offer warm escape

From lengthy rain filled mornings.

Knowing there is no alarm

To pull me from this half-wit haven

Is something good to punctuate

A week of ups and downs.

And though the rain is hammering

At rattling window panes,

The pile of books beside my bed

Offers up some happy hours

Of shy and introvert escape.

in a state of emergency

I’m never sure how I would react in a real emergency. I think I’m the kind of person who would panic and run as quickly as I can in the


over the bridge

I went to Wales yesterday, and it involved going over the Severn Bridge which is quite a magnificent structure. For anyone not familiar