the pool party

Bikinis cut high on the thigh

As ladies sip at sex on the beach

And men take slugs of lager drinks,

Eyeing each other up, wandering

What could happen when the sun goes down.

But while the heat of of noon day stings

Girls climb on lads’ shoulders, throwing balls

Over volleyball nets. And a cute couple

Hide in a corner, kissing in shade

Feeling invisible and wrapped in love.

But as darkness falls and the music lowers

Pills and joints appear from pockets

And conversations turn to something deep,

Like life after death, and what’s written in the stars?

They fall asleep, wrapped in towels,

Arms and legs all tangled as they breathe

In unison, not knowing what the dawn will bring.

love and light on a cold dark night

When the drizzle hits the window panes

And darkness shrouds the park

But all at once the sky lights up

With coloured gunpowder, fired with love

And joy is sprinkled for one night

Upon the cold and tired and worldy worn,

Because tonight, at the stroke of twelve

We pass into a brand new year

With love and iced with sinful cheer.

Happy New Year. Lots of Love from Rachel xx

carols from kings and wine that is mulled

Carols from Kings and wine that is mulled,

As we watch from front rooms, glasses in hand.

Fairy lights twinkling, mirroring candles

Lining the pews, much older than us.

It signals a year that is over for now,

Just a week of cold meats, and bright fruity chutneys

Unwrapping presents that mean something more

Now that we’ve had a rough year or two.

Now it’s the socks and hand knitted sweaters,

With carolling boys in draughty cathedrals

Filling our days in darkest December.

a vision in green


No, just a vision

Of green

Slicing through the crowd

Holding all the eyes

As she winds her way through

Hundreds in black

A king in waiting

Smitten, on her arm.

I’m a huge fan of Kate Middleton. I do hope that everything is OK with her and William as I think that they are such a glamorous couple. It would be awful if they went down the route that Prine William’s parents did.

And then there is all the tit for tat that seems to be going on between the two brothers, but Kate seems to always rise above it.

And this weekend she was a vision in green. Was it a hint at the green-eyed monster that could be lurking between the two couples? Or is she just making a green statement for a greener planet?

Whatever she was saying with her outfit, she was stunning and Britain is lucky to have her as our representative on the world stage.

Much Love

Rachel xx

beautiful blackpool ballroom

palace interior
Photo by Benni Fish on

The chandelier, a beauty

Winking at us in the reddish light

Watching as we sail across

A perfect sea, a dancing floor

Made for jive and waltzes

Flowing gowns that feather out

And final poses as the music ends.

It’s Blackpool Week on Strictly Come Dancing this week. I don’t know a lot about dancing, but even I know that Blackpool is a Mecca for balroom dancers all over the world. And so, even I find the spectacle something to behold.

There is something about that ballroom that just blows me away, and I have been meaning to go and see it for real sometime. The floor is beautiful, the architecture is breathtaking, and the chandeliers are stunning. It appears to be frozen in time, an ode to the past.

And something that is really interesting is that people say you just have to dance there. It’s as though the building itself, demands it. I love the idea that a building has such a history that it has a hold on us as humans.

It’s the same as when we step into an old National Trust property and we can feel the history. All we want to do is put on a Regency outfit and sit in the parlour drinking tea.

Much Love

R xx

is it too early?

lighted christmas tree
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I’ve seen the first of the Christmas ads

And I’ve heard that song by Mariah Carey

But it seems like it’s way too bloody early

It almost feels a little bit scary.


Where has a whole year gone?

It feels like last week it was June

The flowers in beautiful bloom

And the longest of holidays coming up soon.


But now the leaves have all blown away

The nights are as cold as can be

And I am left casually wondering

If it’s too early to put up the tree?

we will remember them

A little piece I created for Remembrance Day a few years ago.

We will remember those who fell

The ones who signed up for

A world we couldn’t have a chance

Of imagining

Of understanding

Of knowing what

Was over there

On the orange lit horizon that

Is burning with a thousand lives

That wasted in the winter months.

It’s the weekend of Remembrance, and I think that it’s a meaningful period to really spend some time reflecting on mistakes we have made in the past, and thinking about how we should never make them again.

Unfortunately, human nature is such that we are likely to keep repeating these things, and there always seems to be a war or some kind of conflict somewhere in the world. Perhaps one day that will all change.

We had a wreath laying ceremony at our school and it was streamed into all the classrooms on Youtube. I had a goup of twelve year olds and most were respectful, but some were just treating it as a bit of a joke.

I chose to have a conversation with the whole class when the ceremony was over, and rather than scream at the naughty ones, we all talked about why we stop and remain silent for two minutes. I hope that the conversation will stay with some of the ones that didn’t understand.

Hopefully those kids will go out into the world and actively make sure that we don’t have to remain silent for another group of men and women that have to lay down their lives for the ego of a leader.

Much Love

Rachel xx

sleepless in seattle – part two

buildings with lights at nighttime
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The lift door closes as they stand

Smiling, hand in hand

And then they make it

To the frosty New York street

And find a coffee shop

Talking over life and love

They meet again in just a week

And married in a month

They have a kid

Almost get divorced

And Jonah tells them that they need

To remember how they met

The romance that could make

A movie plot, and so they kiss

And age together in a wedded bliss.

I just watched Sleepless in Seattle for like the millionth time. But in all fairness, I hadn’t watched it in quite a few years, and I had almost forgotten just how much I love it.

I know we got a second movie with the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks combo in the shape of You’ve Got Mail, but we never got a real sequel to follow on from the moment when the lift doors closed on Sam, Jonah and Annie. Did Annie move to Seattle? Did they get married? Are they still together? And what happened to Walter?

I do believe that now is the time to start a petition to get the Hollywood movie execs to think about a follow up. Who’s with me? Who do we get in touch with to make this happen?

Much Love

Rachel xx

Matt Hancock in the Jungle

green trees
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The politicians want the world to see

They’re human just like you and me.

And if it takes them making being fools,

Looking like a bunch of tools

Then that’s OK, ’cause they’re getting paid

More than the rest of us have ever made.

It really looks like he’s lost the plot

Trying to be something he’s really not.

If anyone reading this is outside of the UK and you have never heard of Matt Hancock, then he is a politician who is taking part in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this year. That is a reality show where ‘celebrities’ go to the jungle in Australia and do lots of tasks to win meals.

Matt Hancock was our Health Secretary when we were going into all our lockdowns. However, he was disgraced when he was caught on camera, having an affair. This was bad enough, but it also meant that he broke the social distancing rules that he was responsible for.

He is still a serving MP so it does seem really disrespectful to his constituents, buggering off to Australia when he should be doing the job he’s paid to do – with money that comes from our taxes.

However, I can see why he would want to do it. If he can show that he is human and has redeeming qualities, then perhaps he might grow his waning popularity. If I were in his shoes, I would probably be tempted to do this as one last roll of the dice. What would I have to lose? And some politicians have actually come out of that show quite well.

He also wants to promote his work in support of dyslexia and I think that is important and could do some real good. As a teacher, I can see how important this work could be for so many people.

Whatever happens, I think he was a great signing by the makers of the programme and it has certainly made me want to tune in later this month.

Much Love

Rachel xx

the crap we eat as a kid

close up shot of a fried food
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Chicken nuggets that look like kidneys

Covered in a slimy batter,

Ham that looks like teddy faces

And turkey in the shape of dinosaurs.

Nothing green, or orange or red,

All beige and microwaved,

Dried and kept in cupboards for

At least five years before it turns.

Cans of beans and pasta shapes,

Food that needs no chewing, or digesting.

We all say we won’t feed our kids these things

And yet you’ll find me down the frozen aisle

Stocking up on crispy pancakes

For my little cherub child.