fun at shakespeare’s globe

Me in hi-vis at The Globe Theatre in London

The kids stare in awe

As the actors are slaughtered,

Blood is splattered

And the gift shop is raided.

the knitting circle

I started a crochet club at school today and it was so much fun. I felt like a few teachers were rolling their eyes and thinking it wasn’t very


the monsters are coming

We finally got the call from OFSTED today, so everyone was running around likecrazy people getting ready to have everything gone through


first job nerves

My son is takinga year out between college and university so he is currently applying for his first job. He didn’t bother getting a weekend


a gift for the teacher

We have entered the final week of term and some of my students are off on holiday slightly early, so I received my first end of term gift


the spelling bee

I’m organising a spelling bee for the kids at school next week, and I’m a little bit nervous that hardly anyone will turn up. What if we are done


mean girls

We are getting towards the end of the school year here and everyone is starting to get a little bit tetchy. My tutor group are just completing



woman placing her finger between her lips
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Shush, please,

I said shush,

Can you be quiet, please?


He shouted just a bit ironically.

His voice must hurt

His pride is dented by

Kids that treat him just like dirt.

There is a cover teacher that is often in the room next to me and I feel so sorry for him. Cover teachers have a notoriously difficult time because the kids don’t see them as a ‘proper’ teacher and so they just get treated like dirt.

This guy that is in the next room to me seems to have the sole job of ensuring the students do silent reading and the noise level suggests that everything but silent reading is happening on the other side of that wall.

Bless him. And to all those children who are making his life a misery, I hope that one or two of you become teachers and realise just how demonic you seem to us!

Much Love

Rachel xx

it’s all in a word

Does the how or why

Even make it worse?

And if I take don’t

And swap it with do not

Will it change the way you feel?

And will this be hurtful

Or will that be the one to seal the deal?

I had a rubbish day yesterday because a student made a comment that just hit the wrong spot. It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen many times over and over. But the interesting thing is that I’m now finding myself very analytical of what has been said and why it might have had such an impact.

I really can’t remember what the student said – it was one of two very similar things – and I don’t know which is worse, or why I even care so much.

The two options were (as she stormed out of the room) ‘I don’t know why you’re even a teacher?’ or ‘I don’t know how you’re even a teacher?’ I’ve told the story so many times in my own head, I now have no idea.

Would I rather she insults my intelligence, or how genuine I am? It’s really made me think about how I repeat stories to other people and if I screw up on just one word, I could completely skew the way the other person is perceived.

On a lighter note, I have been seriously asking myself why I am a teacher, and I’m sure that most teachers would answer ‘God only knows’!

Much Love

Rachel xx