so what do you think of the new girl?

union jack flag hanging outside a building
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Do you like the colour of her hair?

Do you like what she wore today?

Do you think she’ll do a good job?

Should we all just talk on Twitter

About what a terrible mess she’ll make?

And would the same rules apply

If she were a posh man?

So, we have another new Prime Minister in this country. It feels like the Conservatives have served us up a revolving door of candidates – we bring one on, slag them off until they have no choice but to leave and then we start on the next.

It’s a really punishing position to be in and I can’t quite work out why anyone would want to put themself through it. And, as much as I hate to say it, I think that women have it even harder than men.

When Boris was voted in, half the country were very happy with their decision and they were very vocal about how great they thought he was. If you go on Twitter today, you get a very different vibe, and probably the same people who voted for him, are now going as far as wishing him dead.

Now Liz Truss has been voted in, the conversations are very different. I overheard someone in the park saying ‘so, it’s a woman they chose’. Why is that even a relevant question? Nobody was commenting on the fact that Boris was a man three years ago.

And there is a real sense of distrust in the online comments. Can she do the job? Does she have the experience? Does she have chubby ankles? These are questions that were not asked of Boris.

Perhaps we should just let the new girl get on with it. Who knows, she might surprise you…

Much Love

Rachel xx

why are animals so perfect?

I think that everyone has anxiety gnaw at the frayed edges of their nerves at some point or another. And if not, then they will sometimes feel crushing disappointment or gut wrenching sadness.

And where can we always turn in those difficult times?

To animals.

I have a cat and because he is deaf he can be a bit of dick sometimes. And yet he brings me so much peace when I’m struggling with life.

But even if we don’t have a physical animal to hold and to stroke, even pictures and videos of animals seem to calm us and make us smile. There is a reason that the internet seems to have been invented for the distribution of cat videos. It’s because they are necessary to our survival.

This is a public service announcement-style post, so other animals that you can turn to in times of distress are: dogs in shoes, pandas in any form, baby elephants and most monkeys.

You are welcome.

Much Love

Rachel xx

giving out small doses of advice

close up photo of medicinal drugs
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She gives out little doses like medicine,

Small capsules or pills, easy to swallow

And hopefully helpful too.

She’s aware that they watch her

And scribble their notes

And she hopes that their nodding

Shows that they’re liking the things that they see.

So, I am still suffering from imposter syndrome and I fear that it will never ever leave me. I am only just entering my second year of teaching so I am still so new to the profession, and therefore it makes sense that I might still feel this way.

However, now that I’m not a first year, I am getting trainees coming into my class and watching what I do – and worse still, they are taking notes!

I think a lot of the problems come from the fact that I don’t feel much older than some of the students that I teach and so I don’t feel mature enough to teach, let alone have people look at the way I teach.

It is slightly wonderful though, knowing that I am allowed to have trainees in, and there might be things that they see me do, that they like and that they use intheir own practice in the future.

The fact that I am seeing things in this way, shows that I’ve probably matured a lot over the last two years of this journey. Feeling confident enough to offer advice is something I never thought would happen. And yet, here I am.

Much Love

Rachel xx

first day headaches

exhausted woman falling asleep on table
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No more room for useless info

As vital bits have clogged my head

And now the booming has set in

So all I need is my sweet bed.

My head hurts! I didn’t even have a particularly stressful day, in that we were just sitting down and listening to presentations, but there is something about being in a new environment and being surrounded by new people taht just feels so overwhelming.

I’m now sitting in front of the TV with my feet up and a packet of ibuprofen close by. Luckily, I have quite a nice day with just the youngest in the school coming in for the first day so that they don’t get trampled by the Year 11s.

All I’m worrying about now is the IT situation. I have to teach from the morning and I still don’t have a computer so I may just have to entertain them with a dance!

I hope all the other teachers out there had a fantastic first day back.

Much Love

Rachel xx

the hair disaster

woman in gray long sleeved top holding hair
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It’s always just before new jobs

When nerves are running high,

You think that it’s a marvellous idea

Until you blow your bleached hair dry

And find it’s turned a flaming orange

And all you want to do is hide.

I did the classic hair dye thing last night. I thought that I wanted a change before I went back to work, so off I went to B&M to purchase a box of hair dye. As I perused the shelves, I decided that I might go for blonde this time around – because, why not?

I excitedly ripped open the box as soon as I got home and started mixing, pouring and massaging in the bleach concoction.

Now, I dye my hair every so often so I have done it before and I have gone lighter but I think the box kits have become stronger since I last did that.

I washed out the bleach and found that my hair was extremely light. And then it dried and it went extremely orange. Think Cyndi Lauper and Girls Just Want To Have Fun – that was the look that I had achieved.

Luckily, I did this with a day to spare, as I don’t start my new job until tomorrow. I raced to town this afternoon and purchased a box of dark dye.

Now, I’m no hairdresser, and I’m no chemist so I had no idea what this new dye would do to my hair. It could turn witchy green for all I knew. So I held my breath and waited for the 25 minutes.

I think that I have saved myself the shame of going in on my first day with some freakish colour hair, and there is no need for me to shave it off. But it just goes to show that you need to give yourself a bit of time to sort things out if you are planning something drastic.

Hopefully, I have given you a piece of life advice (that you probably already knew anyway). You are welcome, and I hope that all the teachers have a wonderful first day tomorrow. I’m just glad I have hair.

Much Love

Rachel xx

and so, the end has come…

red volkswagen beetle scale model
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As we stumble from shop to shop,

With back 2 skool bags slung

Over tired arms, filled with skirts

And shirts and bobbled tights,

There’s only one day left

Of this glorious summer, and yet,

The shops are filled with Christmas chocs,

Gift sets filled with bubble bath

And gingerbread lattes served in coffee shops

With Michael Buble singing quietly.

It’s here, it’s whispering through the Autumn months

And soon we’ll have to let it in,

Fight it all you want,

It will eat you whole.

why are we so drawn to the sea?

body of water during golden hour
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Why are we pulled to her gentle sound,

The lapping waves at our vulnerable toes?

She could eat us up in a ferocious mood,

And yet we just see the beautiful blue.

She’s the coldest cruel mistress

Calming our nerves in times of distress.

What is it that draws us to the ocean, as human beings? So many people talk about the power that it has to change our moods and even change our whole outlook on life.

There are so many examples of people who have moved from the city to the coast, and they speak of a slower life and a better quality of life. I find it quite incredible that humans can be affected so much by a body of water.

I do wonder if there are any mystical forces at work, and I certainly believe that the moon and the tides can have some sway over the way that we behave and feel – so it makes sense that those forces are stronger if you are closer to the ocean.

One day I’m going to pack up my things and move to the beach so that I can benefit from whatever those strange forces are. I long to just be able to hear that rhythmic sound of the waves coming in and how that can soothe even the most anxious of moods.

Much Love

Rachel xx

starting to show some promise…

I ran a marathon today, and I signed up for it because I know I’m too lazy to do that kind of distance on my own. So I only paid up last week, and I chose this particular one because of that exceptionally cool medal in the picture.

It was run at Denbies Vineyard again, a really beautiful place to run laps. On a lovely day like today you could be fooled into thinking that you are running in Italy or the South of France. And now that we are at the end of August, the grapes are getting to the point where they are ready to be harvested.

The event I did was a 7 hour timed event so people could do as little or as much as they wanted in that time. I knew from the start that I was going to do the marathon distance so I had the eight laps to aim for and it meant that I could do the maths and pace the race nicely.

Now, I am normally a runner that crosses the line towards the back of the pack so I was really surprised by my result today. Out of fifteen women that completed the marathon, I went and came fourth, so I’m feeling like I’m a proper runner as I sit here writing this.

But, oh, those hills! It was a bloody tough course and it was therefore a really slow time. And it was pretty warm too, so conditions out there were pretty difficult. I needed a good quarter of an hour to sit down and collect myself at the the end of the run.

I hope you guys have all had a fabulous Sunday and that you have achieved something you’re proud of (even if it’s just managing to do the dishes – housework is hard).

Much Love

Rachel xx

is a strike on the cards?

monochrome photo of resist signage
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We stand in unity,

Arms linked firmly at the gates,

Some are angry, some are crying

But every person stands as one,

To drive down prices,

Shock the government,

And prove we act as one.

The news at the moment, is terrifying, quite frankly. All that we see at the moment is the shocking news about the energy cap that doesn’t appear to be a cap at all. A note to the government: a cap doesn’t keep moving.

We are now looking at possibly £6,000 energy bills by next April and there are many people in this country who earn less than £10,000 a year, so how they are going to cope is anyone’s guess.

There have been calls on Twitter for a general strike, where we all just down tools until the government have no choice but to do something about the price increases.

I don’t remember a time in my life when people have actually felt scared about the winter and it is going to lead to people losing their lives.

I don’t know whether us Brits have it in us to strike, but it would certainly lead to an interesting time. Perhaps it would bring us all together as one? Perhaps it will just end in riots and chaos?

Who knows, but I hope that people are safe over the winter.

Much Love

Rachel xx

dealing with a witch hunt

photo of halloween decorations
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They’re searching, hunting through the crowd,

They’ll find you – eventually,

It doesn’t matter if you did it,

They’ll twist your words

And chisel at your actions

To form the perfect argument

To frame you as the witch.

I was just watching the documentary about Operation Yew Tree and I found it really interesting to see how people dealt with the accusations.

For those of you not in the UK, this was a police operation that was launched after the death of Jimmy Saville to find other men who had committed sexual assaults on minors.

However, the whole thing became a bit of a witch hunt and there were lots of men that were arrested when there wasn’t any solid evidence that they had done anything.

Now, I’m not commenting on whether or not it was right that these men were publicly identified before they were charged as I think that there is an argument for and against that, and I don’t feel that I’m educated enough to put forward my thoughts. But I did want to comment on the way in which the men coped with the accusations, as I think that’s a really interesting thing to come out of such terrible circumstances.

Some of the men were obviously very angry, and I feel that I would be really angry if I’d been publicly shamed when I had done nothing wrong. But there were people who really took it in their stride and kind of accepted what was happening. They weren’t admitting guilt, but they were just allowing the police to do their jobs without fighting.

I found this really interesting as it’s human nature to fight when we feel wronged, but perhaps for a happier life, we should just go with it and stay quiet. And the man who did just sit quietly, had far less bad press than those that fought.

When you recover from any form of addiction you are told to ‘let go and let God’ and I see that as being very similar; we learn that we can’t control people, places or things, we can only control our own reaction.

I like to think of it as being a fish and it is far easier to swim with the current than against it.

Much Love

Rachel xx