where have all the dinosaurs gone?

wooden dinosaur in white backgroud
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Where did all the dinosaurs, the ancient mummies,

The shuttles off to space, where did they go?

They traipsed around our dusty classrooms,

Flying from the school room roof in flurries of

The brightest flames, impossible to ignore.

And then, when we graduate, leaving far behind

Those childish fancies that we couldn’t get enough,

They faded with the blackboard dust, existence wiped

Like a meteor that flattened worlds

Occupied by little boys and girls.

This is a bit of a continuation of yesterday’s writing in that I want to talk about our childhood fancies. I mentioned that I’m a little bit fascinated by space, even though I’ve never studied it outside of primary school.

I think that most people had one of those things that they loved learning about when they were ten, but now they feel a bit nerdy knowing that they still have an interest in it. Other subjects I can think of are the dinosaurs, the Romans, the Egyptians; the list could go on and on.

My sadness comes from the fact that we almost have to cover up our love for these things unless we have a job in the field. Why can’t we just have a fun love for something and enjoy the childish passion for something, just for the sake of it?

I want to meet people who are proper grown ups and still have dinosaur posters on the wall. I want to meet someone who holds their head high and revels in their childhood passions. That kind of confidence is something we need more of in this world where we all need to pretend to be cool.

Much Love

Rachel xx