isn’t it ironic?

It’s like ten thousand rolls

When all you need is a loaf,

It’s like a thick curly hair

In your bar of soap.

Isn’t it ironic,

Don’t you think?

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Jagged Little Pill. I still put it on from time to time, normally if I’m sad and angry and need to jump around the living room.

This song came to mind this morning though. I was watching a news programme and one of the journalists asked whether the current situation is exactly what the Extinction Rebellion have wanted. It’s come about in a horrendous way, but the planes have largely stopped flying, the cars have stopped driving and mass production is winding down.

The other journalist that was on the line argued that nobody could possibly say that what we have ended up with is a blessing. And this made me think about all the times that we have wanted something so badly, and then when we’ve got it, we start to think twice. It’s like a cosmic joke that’s being played at our expense.

I remember when I was young and I used to get out of things by saying that I was feeling unwell (actually I still might do that from time to time). Dad would always tell me off and say that I’m tempting fate by saying I was sick. I guess that journalist is saying that this is like a global version of me phoning in sick.

Anyway, my point is that I think we need to be careful about what we wish for. And at the same time we need to be careful about writing off an experience as being bad. Sometimes something bad can later be a blessing in disguise.

My advice to you would be to just live in the moment. Don’t wish for something or curse the Universe or God because you don’t have something. Everything that happens is going to happen anyway, so just enjoy the process and don’t beat yourself up over your failures and mistakes.

Much Love

Rachel xx