because she’s a bully

She’s wicked but clever

And she’ll scrape at your heart

With a needle so fine,

No one will notice

That she’s put one foot wrong,

But you, my dear

Will be dead in a gutter somewhere.

There’s a lot of talk about workplace bullying at the moment, or at least there is the UK. We are just coming to the end of our Anti-Bullying Week and the news we are seeing couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

Now, I don’t know what had gone on behind closed doors so I can’t really have an opinion but it’s brought back some horrible memories for myself, as I’ve had a really bad experience at work before.

I’d never experienced bullying at school so it was actually really frightening when I went through it as an adult. In my case, I went to my boss feeling really frightened of a colleague. I was literally crying and shaking, I was so frightened.

So it was shocking when the management then thought that it was funny to put me with that colleague every time they could. My duties were changed and my life was made a living hell.

Eventually, after my behaviour got so strange and erratic they pulled me in to say that I was bullying this girl. I ended up being signed off for weeks and losing my job as I suffered from psychosis with the anxiety.

Workplace bullying is just the worst, especially when it’s the boss that has all the power and is abusing it. I hope that the people who have made the complaint are being looked after and that they don’t ever need to face being shouted and sworn at ever again. And a stressful working environment is never an excuse.

Much Love

Rachel xx