Rejection (a poem)

I sometimes feel so pained and raw,

It’s quite a common human flaw,

To worry what the people think.

Have they found that hidden chink,

The one we try so hard to hide,

To protect our selfish pride?

But it’s not that we are scared,

Of how they think that we have fared.

It’s more a fear that they will force,

Us out to run the longest course,

On our own, without the backing,

Of the tribe that have done the sacking.

But really you can go and find,

The love and joy or your own kind,

Somewhere else where you will fit,

And you are free to do your bit.

So turn your back on those that fail,

To see what greatness you can nail.

The joy of creating art

I don’t get any money or any fame from making my art but it is still one of the things that I hold most dear to my heart. Because the very act of creating is what we are designed to do as human beings.

My favourite things to draw are the beautiful things in life. I like the sunsets and sunrises and I like the countryside. I love the way that the sky changes colour and the leaves turn golden at this time of the year. I love the ripples on water and the sound that it makes as it laps up on the edge of a lake or a beach. I’m not a great artist so I don’t capture it as fabulously as some, but what I do make is mine and that makes it special to me, in just the same way that I was created by God and I am special to Him.