how bad would you be?

I really love watching Casualty, ER and 24 Hours in A&E; that is until there is any sign of a broken bone. If I see a bone sticking out at an


a bad day at the office

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Bashing on the keyboard with

Those agitated fingers,

Realising money’s slipping

Through my fingers faster than

The grains of sand that mark the time,

We wish we could hold back,

Anything at all to stop

This day that feels like end of days.

With Facebook going down yesterday I can only assume that it was a bad day at the office for Mark Zuckerberg. I heard on the news this morning that he lost $4 billion in an afternoon!

It just reminded me of those days when you realise you’ve really screwed up and you want nothing more than to either turn back the clocks or cover up exactly what you’ve done.

I heard a story once where a guy at the company I worked for did something wrong and he tried to cover it up. When he got asked into the office to explain he said he was going to the toilet and then did a runner.

I wonder if Mark felt like doing that yesterday (or maybe the engineer who took down all those sites)? $4 billion is one really big mistake, after all.

Much Love

Rachel xx