awards night

silhouette of woman standing in the park during sunset
Photo by Jonas Wilson on

Ladies in their silky dresses swaying

Down the crimson carpet as the flashbulbs pop

And men that look a bit like Bond

Clinging to their arms, sheltering from rain

With black umbrellas held aloft.

Inside the hall the seats all sparkle

With the stardust us mere mortals don’t possess,

Waiting for those statuettes to make

Their way into the hands of people

Far too beautiful to be a human being.

One day we will make it in that hall

I say, as we stand on the pavement in our jeans,

Our sneakers soaking in the starry puddles.

I love awards ceremonies and we are having the BAFTAs tonight, over here in the UK. It’s being held in the most beautiful setting, the Royal Albert Hall, and of course, the dresses are stunning.

I remember when I lived in London when I was nineteen, we went out clubbing the night of the BAFTAs. It felt so exciting, walking past Leicester Square, and knowing that so many celebrities were just a few metres away.

I thought back then, half a lifetime ago, that I would make it inside one day. I probably never will, but when I watch it on TV I get that little thrill of excitement I felt back then as a teenager who had never had a dream crushed.

Much Love

Rachel xx