a day when the colours are brighter

male guard wearing red and white costume holding rifle while standing ear white and blue shed
Photo by Valentin Vesa on Pexels.com

Reds, whites and blues flutter in the wind,

Children balanced on the shoulders of

The parents, aunts and uncles,

Storming down the Mall and waiting for

The family on the balcony

And all the colours under warm June sun

Seem just a little brighter now

And all I hope is that those hues

Will never fade with passing years.

So, we are officially into the Jubilee celebrations here in the UK, so I am well and truly in my happy place. I don’t even have any plans, but I’m just enjoying watching everything on the TV.

There is something about a Jubilee weekend that feels so much brighter and more colourful than any other time. I remember the 2012 celebrations like they were yesterday and it still feels so bright and celebratory.

Of course, last time around we had just had Kate and William’s wedding and we were just about to have the Olympics in London so it was a very special year or so. I also did my first Channel swim that summer so my memories of it all are so precious.

Today, we watched the Trooping of the Colour and we saw the Queen on the balcony with her immediate family. It was amazing to see all those crowds waving flags again. And even better, was seeing the Queen spend so much time chatting to little Louis who is only four.

A Jubilee weekend is such a forward looking time and I think we all need that after a very strange two years. And what an amazing achievement. I’ve never managed more than four years in a job, so 70 years is just extraordiny.

Much Love

Rachel xx