will i run dry?

illustration of bright similar cut oranges
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

They call them creative juices like

It comes from a citrus fruit, peeled and zested,

Squeezed until there’s nothing left.

But really it is infinite, the thoughts and dreams

Of human beings, desperate to be heard.

We’ll go forever with our rambling

Nonsense made for Twitter posts and Facebook brags.

Six thousand thoughts a day to chew

And yet so much is curtailed drivel.

There will be some within 6k, that can be used

Or polished into something bright and edged with light,

So drivel on and on and on, until that light goes dull.

I must admit that sometimes I sit at my laptop and I have no idea what the hell I’m going to write. I literally stare at the screen and I can feel my heart rate go up as I realise that I have nothing, I am boring and uninteresting.

I will turn to Twitter or my WordPress subscriptions and nothing will come to me and I can feel that anxiety gripping me. What it I can never write another word?

But then I remember that the average human has six thousand thoughts a day. I think that my thoughts are worthy of a place on the internet, so even if I write down one of those thoughts a day, I have something.

There are times when I think about what is going on in the news and I have valid opinions, I have a family and I think about them. I have friends and a job and all my thoughts on them can be written down.

So, I end up with a list longer than anything I could write in a whole lifetime. And that is pretty cool; that we can write forever and ever and we’ll literally never run out of things.

I hope that you have a fabulous day creating some of the six thousand things that rattle around your head each day, whether it be in art or writing or music or however else you like to express yourself. Because, if you’re human, you will never run dry.

Much Love

Rachel xx

doing a ‘geographical’

assorted map pieces
Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

The wish to move as freely as the sea

Churning up the crumbled ground

Is strong when lives are sad

And breaking like the ground.

It would be easier to pack our bags and leave

Than face the music here at home

And spread my roots below this sturdy soil.

When I was really struggling with my drinking I always hated going on the motorway. The reason I hated it so much was that I was worried that I’d just put my foot down and carry on to who knows where. We called it doing a ‘geographical’; moving somewhere new just to escape our problems.

The urge to leave my troubles behind and start all over again was strong. I imagined myself in Scotland, living in some village in the Highlands and nobody back home would know where I was.

Of course, I had Noah to look after and so I never did that, but I still occasionally get that urge to run. Nowadays, I think it’s more a case of boredom. I wonder if I’m going to die in my little town, having done nothing fun and out of the ordinary; nothing extraordinary.

I have a mortgage and a life here, but I do think that one day I’ll move on, I just think that doing a runner is the most sensible answer.

Much Love

Rachel xx

Just be nice to everyone!!!

Can we all just be nice to each other,

Even when the twat at the till who shouts really loudly at you,

Just deserves a punch in the face.

Because you are better than that.

And the really important thing to remember,

Is that you have no fucking way,

Of knowing what he’s going through.

He may not be as awful as you think.

He might be going through something hard,

He might be in terrific pain.

And you could be the one to ease that just a little.

You could be the one to make the difference,

In a really shitty day.

It could be your smile and hi and friendly bye,

That takes the edge of something terrible.

It’s not all about you and your feelings,

It’s you who has to get that ball rolling.

So roll it and see where it goes.

You may not get to see the final destination,

But I can assure you that it will be somewhere

Pretty fucking nice.