return of the ex

dry rose flower next to broken heart shaped cookie
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Twisted feelings wring the heart

Of any pleasant days,

The wish for him to find his way

Back to your world, or else

He can die a painful death.

I’m guessing nearly everybody in the world knows that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have got back together and now they are engaged for a second time. I wish them all the happiness in the world, but I also find it kind of weird that two people who have already had a relationship have decided to have a second go at it.

I remember reading the newspaper when I was about nineteen and living in London and they were writing about their relationship crumbling the first time around. It was quite a shocking event to read about as it all happened so quickly and one can only imagine how much pain both parties experienced in going through that – and so publicly.

It’s made me think what it must be like to give love a second chance, especially when you have gone and had another marriage and kids in between. I wonder what their first conversations were like and what thoughts went through their heads when they found themselves falling for each other again.

I wonder if there was still some pain there. I’m certain that re-falling in love is the surest way to mend that hurt, but it takes a big person to break down those walls and admit where you went wrong in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all break ups could end this way?

Much Love

Rachel xx