the teaching rollercoaster

photo of roller coaster on amusement park
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I think I did a loop today

Swooping down from massive heights

That buzzy high compared

With lows that push you into plastic seats

Struggling for a breath, a space

To feel like life is nice again.

This job is ridiculous in how it makes you feel from day to day. I had the most wonderful week, last week. As I drove home, the sun was shining and all the best songs were playing on the radio.

And then there was this week….

Today I nearly had to pull over because I was crying so hard; I could barely see the road. The low I have hit because of certain students, is so low that I feel like I’m being pressed into the ground without the ability to breathe.

I can’t think of another job in the world where you experience those highs and lows quite so quickly. I know that teenagers are all over the place, and I’m not much better, so we’re not a great mix.

I just need to keep telling myself that I’m doing OK, they won’t get me fired, I won’t get hurt and life will go on. I need to remind myself that I’m alright and this emotion makes me a valuable teacher (even though these tears make me seen like a little bit of a loser)!

Much Love

Rachel xx