the most unusual of narrators

I don’t think I’ve read a book that is from the point of view of anything interesting, or weird, or wacky – until now. I finally got round to


the book club meeting

We have a staff book club at work and I absolutely love going to it. Obviously we don’t drink wine, but we do have snacks and chocolates


If it makes you angry…

If it makes you angy

Then why the hell are you so sad?

If it makes you angry

Then surely you should be happy

That it makes you feel anything at all?

Is it better to just enjoy something that’s meh, or to feel something bad? Life is full of horrible moments and so surely the entertainment we consume should mirror that and make us feel all those uncomfortable emotions?

I only ask, because I’m reading a book that is making me feel extremely angry. And while I’m reading things, I automatically find myself thinking about what star rating I’m going to give it on Goodreads. And because this is making me feel angry, I wanted to rate it quite low.

However, it may be wrong to criticise an artist or writer for making you feel uncomfortable. Surely that is the point of art? Perhaps this book is a five star after all…

Much Love

Rachel xx