move me to the library, please

light inside library
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To sit in dusty corners,

Surrounded by those spines

In rainbow shades with hidden worlds

That I could share with forming minds

To pass on life

That’s wider than we ever thought.

I was in the school library with a class today and the library assistant told me that she was leaving at Easter. She’s going on to a job in publishing and I’m so excited for her because that’s a job that every English lover longs to have.

However the chat very quickly turned to interviews and finding a replacement and I piped up that I’d jack in the teaching to be up in the library.

The librarian said that I would be more than welcome to come and join her, and although I was only joking, there was a millisecond where I actually considered doing it.

I know that in my head, I’m glamourising the job, and actually it’s probably just as stressful as the teaching, but I just had visions of myself reclining behind the desk, reading hundreds of YA books that I could recommend to children who are eager to devour books.

In reality, that’s a load of crap. I’ve been in the library when there have been kids literally kicking a rugby ball around (I mean, give me strength). I know that most of the librarian’s time is spent shouting at kids who don’t know how to behave in a library, but a girl can have her dreams, can’t she?

I’ll allow myself to look at the application form and live in my fantasy world for five minutes or so, and then I’ll get back to planning my lessons. I promise.

Much Love

Rachel xx